“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx

Profit: good – too much profit: bad
Capitalism can (not) be criticized like this
Occupiers shout: “We are the 99%!”
Then what good is democracy?
The “Outraged”
An outrage which thrives on illusions about crisis, democracy and the market economy
The Left Sees Itself Confirmed: Neoliberal Turbo-Capitalism is a Failure! Let's Do It Better!
Rescue capitalism in the interests of the poor, not in the interest of the capitalists?
Radical Leftist Election Worries: Does One Betray One's Anti-state Beliefs by Voting?
A reader's letter and a reply
False Hopes for a Better World
“Another world is possible” – if the powerful do everything correctly?
“Unconditional Guaranteed Income”
Capitalism with a human face?
Unconditional basic income – is poverty “simply outmoded”?
A fatal error about the nature of work and wealth in this society.
Why the Call for “Fair Distribution” is a Mistake
The rich becoming richer is not a result of distribution – it's the precondition under which we work and live
Privatization – Why Not?
As if nobody ever had their electricity shut off by a state-owned utility or was evicted from public housing for lack of payment
Language Hygiene
Anti-critical political correctness
Why the Call for Tax Justice is a Mistake
A recipe against poverty: finance jobs?
Consumption, Capital and Consumer Criticism
Calls to limit needs within a system that leaves needs unmet
Fair Trade: Halving Poverty through Good Manners for Retail Chains
The cynicism of good will
Conspiracy Theories: Dissenting and Official Opinions on “9/11”
Idealisms of international law and just war
The Demand for Peace
Strictly speaking, has nothing to do with a demand ...
“Equal Rights!”
What do they really change?
“Stand Up for Your Rights” is the Opposite of Rebellion!
Embarrassing appeals to the administrators of your poverty
The Soviet Union: Socialism as a World Power
As soon as socialism becomes decent and bourgeois ...
Utopia and Marxism
“Utopia”, “realism”, “humanity”, “historical necessity”, “communists and violence”
Opposing Class Society with Ideals of Justice
The errors of socialist anti-capitalism
“Revolution Superfluous!”
A false question
What Do the Autonomen Want?
The worldview of the Autonomen is quite simple. It is only them and the “pigs” with their “system.”
The Woes of the Radical Union Activist
Why do workers always accept the “sellouts” of their unions and keep watching their conditions get worse?
“What Do You Actually Do?!”
Once and for all: “What is to be done?!” is a stupid question!
“Left-wing Nationalism”
Nationalism is a mistake: here and elsewhere!
Objections to the Politics of the Blockupy Alliance
Where do they get their certainty that democracy gives a legal claim against poverty?
Can one still be left-wing today?
Left narcissism