“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx

The competition of states

Theses on imperialism
Also called foreign policy
Imperialism today
The competition of nations over the wealth of the world
Human rights – The right to world domination
Do human tights protect people against state power? Or are they just the opposite: the means by which people are subjected to state power?
Nuclear energy as a weapon in the imperialist competition between states
What are the goals that make “not completely failsafe” (Obama) nuclear energy so charming?
“The fight against climate change” – Energy policy as humanity's rescue?
What’s the point of climate conferences? What are they negotiating?

War & peace

Does international law prevent war?
Then why is the world of states so full of war?
“Human rights – an advance of civilization”
The salvation of human rights – by imperialism
Domestic peace: Mobilization of the nation
The foremost task of imperialism
Armaments and war are necessary expenses for a class society
Why the war organizers do not accept the argument that its costs are too high
The war of nations
World order is not cooperative work
The value of freedom is to die for the state which grants it
Against the costs of freedom!
Occupation: soldier
The soldier needs a picture of the enemy to hate, but has to keep that hatred under control

USA: The world super-power

A New Cold War
Respect denied: On the Biden-Putin summit
Offensive defense
Trump pushes ahead with the weakening of Russia
The new dollar imperialism — using and superseding the old
Whither the dollar?
Imperialistic money worries
Obama offers a share of responsibility for the American world order to the rising world power of China
“Change” in US policy towards East Asia
Nobel Peace Prize for Obama: Energetically setting up a new American world order with “change”
The supreme warlord receives the Nobel Peace Prize
Corpses for a good cause?
US Imperialism wants to improve the world
Drugs: Addiction, business, control, war
The creation and management of a “problem” by the western world of states
Uncle Sam fucks you
Feminism on the march

Middle East

Justice gets its victory
The liquidation of Bin Laden
“Peace for Syria” – the democratic media supplies its audience with war propaganda
When carnage is for evil and when it is for good
A cry for peace is not a critique of war!
A dissenting view on the October 27th Coalition’s arguments for peace
The balance sheet for progress in the USA’s war against “terror”
In view of the unintended consequences of the Iraq war, the nation seriously wonders if it failed in its (good) intentions
The war against Iraq and its ideological background music
Demonization of the enemy
Afghanistan: Imperialism as humanitarian action
Democratic jihad
War in the Gaza Strip
Against moral partisanship in matters of war
What’s the matter in the Middle East? What is the reason for the slaughter and to whom is it useful?
Progress in the peace process

Latin America

Sandinismo in Nicaragua comes to its forced end
On the current US list of “rogue states” that can no longer be tolerated
A new set of house rules for the USA’s Mexican subsidiary
Trump revises NAFTA and takes care of his hemisphere
Mexico's struggle against its national emergency
The Latin American model state of the U.S. is struggling to be a success
“Left turn” in Latin America
A rebellion in the backyard of the USA
What do the Popes and the Castros have in common?
Another Pope in socialist Cuba


The reconquest of the Pacific
The USA's project for economically using and militarily containing its new rival, China
Superpower China?
Imperialism today
China’s social sredit system
A nationwide pillory for a harmonious socialist market economy
Fighting un-American activities in Vietnam and elsewhere
A defeat for US imperialism?


Oil-state Nigeria
An El Dorado for investors, a place of poverty, corruption and terrorism – no paradox!
Can 280 Million Africans now sleep quietly?
Or does debt relief benefit the imperialist states?
The “world hunger problem”
Good reasons for hunger
Report from Africa
“The cattle die, the children get fat bellies”
Nelson Mandela: reconciler, black
International bereavement in our times
“Kony 2012” – a fairy tale for children
How “evil” manages to make imperialism look good


[Video] The EU – A German project for global power
The real aims of this “community”
A civil war in Ukraine and a new global political confrontation
A joint venture of the EU Neighborhood Policy and the US Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Crisis & power
Capitalistic world business after six and a half years of financial crisis
Poverty for all!
Europe should recover – by impoverishing the populace
Custodians of capital
In Italy and Greece, “technocratic” governments enforce the impoverishment of the people in the service of balanced budgets
“We do it for us”
The euro crisis and its rescuers
“No to war! No to NATO!” – And a “yes” to the democratic state? How is this supposed to fit together?!
On the protests against the 60th anniversary of NATO
Beyond assets and liabilities
Did the Kosovo war “pay off”? Notes on the relationship between economics and imperialist aggression
Imperialism 2000
Imperialism today determines the economics and politics of every state in the world
A bit of world order in matters of the energy market
The Yukos vs. Russia lawsuit

“Failed states”

Globalized hunger, hunger riots and imperialist order problems
The survival of human beings in capitalism has a price
Reasons for overpopulation
1 Pope, 2 billion poor, 500,000 capitalists, 500 asylum judges, 4 million unemployed, 100,000 border guards ... Who here is too many?