“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx


What is the Market Economy?

Theses on Work and Wealth

Labor – Time That Pays Money


What is Poverty?


On the “Standard of Living Like Never Before” of the Modern Proletariat

Wage Reduction Made in the USA

The Crisis Hits the Auto Industry

Progress Today: Work Longer and Earn Less

“Technical Progress”

The Free Market Fairy Tale that Profits Create Jobs


Why Union “Deals” are not about “Jobs”

The Strike at AEG

What is a Crisis?

Financial Crisis: The Character, Achievement and Power of Finance Capital

What the World Economic Crisis Teaches about Capitalism

Lessons from the Crisis

Do CEOs Get Paid Too Much?

Management Bonuses

“Mega-mergers” Ð Capital concentration on a global scale

Small Business – “Our” Problem Child

“Predators” Attack Capitalism!

Scolding the Speculators

Interest Rates Cut in America

Lessons from a Stock Market Crash


The Cry for Jobs

How the people are to think about the crisis that they are paying for

Proletariat – Does that still exist?

“Exploitation” at Amazon?

Theses on the character masks of capital, the social classes, and what follows for anti-capitalist politics

Response to a reader: “You exaggerate the poverty of wage earners ...”

Landed property and the housing question in capitalism

   The State

The State: Your Friend?

What is the State and How Does It Organize the Capitalist Economy?

What is Freedom?

Violence, Force and Power

The National Budget: On the Economy of Political Domination

“The State Saves!”

The Taxpayer

The Political Uses of Environmental Degradation and Protection

The Welfare State: Nothing But the Management of Capitalistic Poverty

Dismantling the Welfare State: A Totally Imperialistic Program

Justice is Another Word for Impoverishment

Theses on the Constitutional State

Freedom of Opinion – Thinking on Behalf of the State

The Business About Human Rights

Labor Law


Freedom and Equality

Rights and Classes

Equality Before the Law

The “War Budget”

The Value of Freedom is to Die for the State Which Grants It

   Imperialism and War

Theses on Imperialism

Imperialism Today

A civil war in Ukraine and a new global political confrontation

Crisis & Power

Poverty for All!

Custodians of Capital

“We do it for us”

Obama Offers a Share of Responsibility for the American World Order to the Rising World Power China

The Reconquest of the Pacific

Superpower China?

Justice Gets Its Victory

Nuclear Energy as a Weapon in the Imperialist Competition Between States

Nobel Peace Prize for Obama: Energetically Setting Up a New American World Order with “Change”

“No to War! No to NATO!” – And a “Yes” to the Democratic State? How is This Supposed to Fit Together?!

Globalized Hunger, Hunger Riots and Imperialist Order Problems

Mexico's Struggle Against the National Emergency: The Latin American Model State of the U.S. is Struggling to be a Success Model

“Left Turn” in Latin America

“Peace for Syria” – the Democratic Media Supplies its Audience with War Propaganda

Much Ado about an Anti-Muslim Movie and a Few Cartoons

A Cry for Peace is Not a Critique of War!

The Balance Sheet for Progress in the USA’s War Against “Terror”

The War Against Iraq and Its Ideological Background Music

Corpses for a Good Cause?

Does International Law Prevent War?

Afghanistan: Imperialism as Humanitarian Action

War in the Gaza Strip

What’s the Matter in the Middle East? What is the Reason for the Slaughter and to Whom is it Useful?

Theses on Imperialism Today (2000)

Beyond Assets and Liabilities

Fighting Un-American Activities in Vietnam and Elsewhere

Human Rights – The Right to World Domination

Can 280 Million Africans Now Sleep Quietly?

The “World Hunger Problem”

Report from Africa

Reasons for Overpopulation

Domestic Peace: Mobilization of the Nation

Armaments and War are Necessary Expenses for a Class Society

The War of Nations

What Can Be Learned About International Trade

The Soldier

“Human Rights – an advance of civilization”

“Kony 2012” – a fairy tale for children

What do the Popes and the Castros have in common?

Drugs: Addiction, Business, Control, War

Oil-state Nigeria

A bit of world order in matters of the energy market

   Democratic Life

What is Democracy?

Elections – Highlight of Democracy

The Democratic Vote – School of Nationalism

“But That's Undemocratic!”

Legal and Illegal Sleaze

Free Speech: It Can Be Had Without Orwell

The Fourth Estate: The Power of the Media

The Vote – A Blank Check for State Power

“Cash for Clunkers”

“Beacon of Hope” Barack Obama

Breaking a Lance for George W. Bush

The President, an Independent Counsel, Monica, the Cigar and the Honor of the White House

The Contribution of Character Masks to the Freedom of State Power

A Letter on the Criticism of Democracy and a Response

Why Democrats Fail at the Criticism of Fascism

Six Theses and a Conclusion about Democracy and Fascism

Towards the Correct Understanding of Democracy

Guns as Bourgeois Freedom

Why Patriotism Can Lead to Mass Murder from Higher Motives

“Intellectual property” in Capitalism

Free Speech – A Democratic Supreme Value

The Vote – the Free Citizen’s Moment of Glory

How Protest is Democratically Permitted so that Hardly Anything Remains of It

On the Upswing of the Political Culture in Times of an Economic Downturn

What must be said to the young on the subject of voting, but is all too rarely said


The Competition of the Capitalists

The Competition of the Wage Laborers


On the Highly Praised Accomplishments of Filthy Lucre

Money – the “real community”

1. Money & force: The exclusionary power of property as thing

2. Money & work: The economic command power of property

Supplement 1: “How can paper money be the measure of value?”

Supplement 2: The measure of capitalist wealth: “Surplus labor time”

Supplement 3: Basic remarks about money and force, currency and gold

   Bourgeois Science

The Humanities and Social Sciences – Useful Knowledge for the State and Society

Stupidity – A Useful Tradition in the Service of Democracy

The Human in Political Science

The Human in Psychology

Arguments Against Psychology

Motivation Psychology

Is the Will Free or Determined?

How Intelligent is Intelligence Theory?

Friedrich Nietzsche – God's Murderer, Hitler's Forefather, Misogynist, Genius, Lunatic, or What?

Finally Discovered – Unemployment is a Head Problem!

Science Explains: The Main Thing is that a Thing Functions

Poverty Causes Disease – But Why?

“Working While Sick Poses Risks” – For Who Really?

National Identity

“Subjective Truth”

On the Manipulation Thesis

On the “Necessary False Consciousness” of the Proletariat


Science and Education in Capitalism

Why Does School Make People Stupid?

Misunderstanding “equal opportunities”

Education Strike 2010

Students demand: “Education should be free!”

School Massacres: Normal Insanity

ADHD or: How Unwanted Children's Behavior is Made into a Disease


On the Abuse and Use of Institutionalized Authority in Education

Criticism of the Children's Rights Movement

Educational Objective: Critical Thinking Skills

What’s there to defend in public education?


What is Morality?

Morality – The Good Conscience of Class Society

Morality and its values – worthless!

Love and the Bourgeois Family

On the Christian Faith


Where does racism come from and how does it work?

What is Racism?

The Woman Question Today

“Fair Trade” – The capitalist world market as a challenge to the consumer's morality

Profit – Good or Bad?

When Decency Becomes Theoretical

Are Duties Rational?

Off with their Heads – No or Sometimes Yes?

Law and Morality Before the Ultimate Questions

The Fascination of Evil

French Workers Don't Put up with Everything

Christmas Fund-Raising Drives


Criticism of Morality

Could you explain what you mean by truth, science, reason, rationality, & objectivity in the criticism of morality?

Are Marxist critics of morality not themselves the biggest moralists?

“Taste the Waste” – a film exploring the root causes of world hunger

What's going on when “workaholism” is rampant?

“Work-Life Balance”

The misery of homos and the trouble with them

   The Left

Profit: good – too much profit: bad

Occupiers shout: “We are the 99%!”

The “Outraged”

The Left Sees Itself Confirmed: Neoliberal Turbo-Capitalism is a Failure! Let's Do It Better!

Radical Leftist Election Worries: Does One Betray One's Anti-state Beliefs by Voting?

Wrong Hopes for a Better World

“Unconditional Guaranteed Income”

Why the Call for “Fair Distribution” is a Mistake

Privatization – Why Not?

Language Hygiene

Why the Call for Tax Justice is a Mistake

Consumption, Capital and Consumer Criticism

Fair Trade: Halving Poverty through Good Manners for Retail Chains

Conspiracy Theories: Dissenting and Official Opinions on “9/11”

The Demand for Peace

“Equal Rights!”

“Stand Up for Your Rights” is the Opposite of Rebellion!

The Soviet Union: Socialism as a World Power

Utopia and Marxism

Opposing Class Society with Ideals of Justice

“Revolution Superfluous!”

What Do the Autonomen Want?

The Woes of the Radical Union Activist

“What Do You Actually Do?!”

“Left-wing Nationalism”

Objections to the Politics of the Blockupy Alliance

Can one still be left-wing today?


What Can Be Learned from Karl Marx About Work and Wealth in Capitalism!

“Real” Value: Comments on the “Labor Theory of Value” and the Wealth of Capitalist Society

“v” – The sum of money in capitalism which is the basis for the production, growth and distribution of wealth

Marxism – Adaptation Lessons or Criticism?

Topical But False: Lenin's Imperialism

Keyword: Forces and Relations of Production

The National Question in the Workers’ Movement

4 Theses on Rosa Luxemburg’s Theory of Imperialism

What One Learns in School about Marxism

The Necessity of Communism

How Not To Do Another “New Reading” of Marx’s Capital

All that can be done with Marx!


¿Cuál es el origen del racismo y cómo funciona?

¿Por qué hay tanta tanta gente pobre en los países en vías de desarrollo?

Mercado internacional y mercado financiero: La moneda y su valor

El derecho de autodeterminación de los pueblos