“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx

What is democracy?
The political form of rule of capitalism
The real existing democracy
Exercising force, impeccably legitimized
Towards the correct understanding of democracy
Ideology and reality
“But that’s undemocratic!”
Criticism that announces its loyalty
Letter: On the criticism of democracy and a response
“What is your counter-proposal ...?”
Letter: Democracy and “true democracy”
Is the really existing democracy a mistaken deviation from an ideal?

The vote

The vote – the free citizen’s moment of glory
Transforming discontent into commitment to the state
The democratic vote – School of nationalism
A permanent program of political education
Elections – Highlight of democracy
Rule authorized by the ruled
What must be said to the young on the subject of voting, but is all too rarely said
What can be learned from the principle of majority rule?
Letter: Radical leftist voting worries
Does one betray one's anti-statist beliefs by voting?

Politics & politicization

Profession: Politician
Deciding what is necessary and what is “unfortunately” not possible
Legal and illegal sleaze
The ridiculous cry about “corruption!”
The contribution of character masks to the freedom of state power
Politics and personality in democracy
On the upswing of the political culture in times of an economic downturn
State power and powerlessness in times of crisis
How the people are to think about the crisis that they are paying for
Who is to blame? A stupid question!

The media

The fourth estate: The power of the media
A tool of the state or protection from the state?
On the manipulation thesis
On the alleged effects of advertising and propaganda
WikiLeaks and the others – rule simply informed away
The bourgeois public sphere and its modern appendices
The internet vs. the “serious” media
The struggle over public opinion
The struggle against the establishment media and for the establishment of a new one
Trump’s lessons about democracy

Free speech

Freedom of opinion – Thinking on behalf of the state
Permission to be inconsequential
Free speech: It can be had without Orwell
Public criticism is allowed — so shut up!
Free speech – A democratic supreme value
What it is and what you get from it
Much ado about an anti-Muslim movie and a few cartoons
“Free speech & enlightenment vs. fanaticism & religious intolerance”
Language hygiene
Anti-critical political correctness
“Your own praxis of publishing contradicts the critique of free speech!”
Do critics of free speech forfeit it?

The right to protest

10 theses on the right to demonstrate
Undeserving of its good reputation
How protest is democratically permitted so that hardly anything remains of it
The right to demonstrate in practice
“The world in turmoil!”
On the globalized error of the cry for good rule


Six theses on democracy and fascism and one conclusion
Successful and unsuccessful nationalism
Why democrats fail at the criticism of fascism
...and can only forbid it
Letter: “Democracy is still better than fascism”
A dishonest comparison
The mistake of left-wing anti-fascists
Taking sides with the democratic state against the fascist variant of bourgeois rule


Communism = Crime!
The sham debate over the “Black Book of Communism”

The USA: motherland and model of democracy

The storming of the Capitol
The latest battle in the “fight for the soul of America”
Trump praises the working class
What a surprise
Nobel Peace Prize for Obama: Energetically setting up a new American world order with “change”
The supreme warlord receives the Nobel Peace Prize
The vote – A blank check for state power
Our agitation on the 2007 US elections
Breaking a lance for George W. Bush
The stupidity of the demand for good leadership
US Election 2000
The somewhat awkward birth of the new US president and the accompanying democratic worries
The president, an independent counsel, Monica, the cigar and the honor of the White House
An appraisal of democratic morality
Let’s make the rich richer and the poor poorer – that’s the American dream!
Since 1776