“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx


Nationalized nature
The misery of ecology
The political uses of environmental degradation and protection
Destruction of nature – only in correct amounts
Agriculture in capitalism
Irrational, indigestible, incorrigible
“The fight against climate change” – Energy policy as humanity's rescue?
What’s the point of climate conferences? What are they negotiating?
Climate change: Product of globalized capitalism and debate topic between the states that organize it
Superstorms, droughts, floods, refugees ...
An open letter to the Fridays for the Future movement
The politicians answer: condescension, appropriation, dismissal
Nuclear energy as a weapon in the imperialist competition between states
What are the goals that make “not completely failsafe” (Obama) nuclear energy so charming?
Greenpeace, the organized environmental conscience, active in the service of national competitiveness
“Solutions exist”
On the Chernobyl meltdown


Covid pandemic: The real double crisis
State trade-offs between public health and the people’s subsistence
Excursus on the topic of public health
The state cares for its people’s health in the interest of their capitalistic utility
Covid pandemic: That’s not what was meant by “globalization”!
The global free market could be so beautiful if not for the human factor
[Audio] US health care reform: Another historic moment in the administration of the nation’s poverty
The capitalist state’s interest in public health – for an economy that makes people sick
US health care reform – The democratic debate
Taking the poverty of American citizens for granted
“Working while sick poses risks” – for who really?
Sickness and health regarded as a matter of willpower
Poverty causes disease – but why?
Concerned doctors want poverty to be healthy
Imperialistic epidemic control


What may “we” do with stem cells?
The ethics debate on genetic research
Advances in cancer medicine
Belief conquers science
Is cancer research on the right track?
Some clarifications about cancer, cancer medicine, and healthcare policy
AIDS: On its rise from viral disease to state affair
The state defines sick people as a public danger and fights sickness with prohibitions and punishments
The benefits of the pharmaceutical industry
A business like any other ...
An erection aid for bourgeois self-confidence