“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx

The family

Love and the bourgeois family
Scene of happiness, psychological terror and mass murder
Parental upbringing in capitalism – teaching decency and success
The daily struggle for voluntary compliance
On the plight of the gays
And the topic of “sexuality and rule” today
“Work-life balance”
New help for the worker “for the maintenance and for the propagation of his race”
What's going on when “workaholism” is rampant?
News from the market economy
Problems with the youth?
Slackers and hooligans, preppies and punks, ravers and squatters, stoners and normies


Consumption, capital and consumer criticism
Calls to limit needs within a system that leaves needs unmet
Letter: Consumption and consumer power
Does the “economy” serve the consumer, or the other way around?
Alternative living
Enthusiastic renunciation – with a difference
[Audio] Consumption and consumerism in capitalism: Myths and reality
A blessing or an evil? Or neither?
Tourism und imperialism
Mrs. Wallert did not book this!


On the Christian faith
Oh God!
Christmas fund-raising drives
A genre picture of bourgeois class society
Islamic fundamentalism
State criticism in the name of Allah
Gods, gurus and scholars
What is the difference between a psychotherapist and a cult leader?


Morality and its values – worthless!
Hard work – frugality – modesty – honesty – altruism – politeness
“Life” – worth nothing
Someday it must be asked: don’t you want a little more?
The fascination of evil
Moral voyeurism
Law and morality before the ultimate questions
Abortion, test tube babies, euthanasia
What is morality?
Evidently, it causes a lot of hostility between people
“I am happy because ...”
The search for a point of view from which one doesn't see how destitute one is
Criticism of morality
Are there higher values that unite exploiters and exploited?
Prominent men fuck no-name women
What does the law say?
Letter: “Aren’t Marxist critics of morality the greatest moralists?”
Asking who has the motive, reason and right to denounce exploitation only denies its reality!
Could you explain what you mean by truth, science, reason, rationality, & objectivity in the criticism of morality?
Questions from a reader


Profession: Artist
The professional eccentrics of bourgeois society
Art in capitalism
Exhibitionistic acts of freedom – in monochrome
Bertolt Brecht: An enemy of the constitution as a cultural asset
Why a communist is a widely read author in literature classes